About the organization

Israeli Flying Aid (IFA) is a humanitarian NGO, providing life-saving aid and relief to communities affected by natural disaster and human conflict. Our aid is provided without regard to race, religion, sex, nationality, or creed. IFA’s missions are focused on countries that lack diplomatic relations with Israel and countries that deny entry of critically-needed foreign aid following natural disasters and human conflicts.

Agenda/ Mission

IFA was established in order to help the unseen victims of Article 7 of the Rome Statute and Chapter 7 of the UN Charter. Article 7 outlines the United Nations’ definition for crimes against humanity and genocide, while Chapter 7 details “action with respect to threats to peace and acts of aggression”. These hypocritical and unjust regulations allows regimes/governments to prevent life-saving aid from entering the entire country or from entering territories belonging to their opposition, transforming manageable disasters into “legal” mass-killing weapons. IFA separates the needs of victims from political agendas and delivers life-saving aid wherever it’s most needed, not necessarily where it’s “legal” or “allowed”.

IFA Team

IFA team members represent the pulsating heart of Israel, and believe in the sanctity of human life and dignity, as reflected in Jewish Halacha (religious laws).

“Devote yourself to justice, aid the wronged, uphold the rights of the orphan, defend the cause of the widow.” Isaiah 1:16-17