Syrian Genocide

Israeli Flying Aid’s current mission has been focused on life-saving aid for Syrian women and children. For the past 7 years, we have been operating within Syria. During that time, we have donated more than 1 million dry meals, more than $4 million US of medical equipment, and donated 1,255 tons of food, blankets and temporary shelter. For more information, please visit our Syrian mission page.

Greek Shelter

In keeping with our continued support of the Syrian people, IFA has made numerous trips to Greece in order to analyze the need of the refugee population. While there, we discovered that there were a number of young women in their early teen years with toddlers. They had been impregnated, most likely through rape, in Syria or in the camps. These girls are not only dealing with trauma in a foreign country where they have no family, but they are also “forced” to take care of babies they never wanted. Sometimes, the girls, unable to manage the stress and “shame” of raising a rape baby, forfeit their children or try to sell them to smugglers. These girls have lost their own childhoods to the worst circumstances: war, rape, and losing their own parents. In 2018, IFA is setting up a protective and supportive shelter for refugee infants in Greece, which will function like a kibbutz home for children. The orphanage will serve as a temporary home for abandoned infants, “rape babies”, Syrian orphans, and children that have been taken away from their adolescent mothers due to lack of parental capability. Our shelter will shorten the amount of time in which infants are in high-risk and inappropriate environments and allow for healthy child development in a safe environment.