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“Nobody asks permission to kill. We don't ask permission to save lives.”

Israeli Flying Aid (IFA) is an Israeli, Zionist, proud and unapologetic NGO that spent the past 18 years providing life-saving humanitarian aid to communities affected by natural disasters and conflicts worldwide. IFA focuses on innocent children and women whose worlds have collapsed, away from the public eye and media. IFA operates autonomously and represents the pulsating heart of Israeli civil society and believes in the sanctity of human life and dignity as reflected in the Jewish religion.

In times of emergency within Israel, our organization is mobilized in full force within the State of Israel and considers this mission a civic duty. We provide aid to both our soldiers on the frontlines and the civilian home front. In the past, IFA operated in the Second Lebanon War, the 2012 Israeli Operation Pillar of Defense in the Gaza Strip, the 2008 Gaza war, the fires on the Carmel and more. Our organization is well known to the various Israeli governmental institutions in general and the IDF in particular.

On Saturday morning, October 7th, 2023, the State of Israel woke up to a brutal surprise attack led by the terrorist organization Hamas. The attack began with the launch of at least 3,000 rockets from Gaza to Israel and a massacre by thousands of terrorists attacking innocent civilians in neighboring Israeli communities in the South of Israel, kidnapping soldiers and civilians; women, children, babies, elderly and foreign citizens, while committing acts of rape and mutilation that we could never have even imagined. With the outbreak of this war, we immediately started working for the welfare of IDF soldiers on the frontlines and on the home front.

This war will be long and painful, and the urgent needs continue to grow. In order to continue our important work, supporting our soldiers, we need your immediate help with donations. We would be grateful for your help in raising the necessary resources at this difficult time when we are all fighting for our home. Together we will win.