Georgia – Floods

Disaster Description

Tens of thousands of homes were destroyed, leaving many families without shelter and basic food supplies. In the middle of a frigid winter, Georgians were cut off from electricity, making it impossible to cook or heat homes.

Why We Deployed

We decided to go to Georgia in order to help the poorest of the poor who had lost their belongings, providing them with immediate support until the government could provide them with comprehensive assistance.
Number of People Deployed: 5
Length of Stay: 2 weeks


  • 20 tons of flour, 15 tons of rice, over 15,000 cans of food, 2 tons of baby formula were delivered
  • 20,000 blankets from the IDF were transported for free by Arkia

Our Partners

Arkia, Israeli Defense Forces


The Georgian ambassador in Israel met with us to commend our efforts


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