Second Lebanon War

Disaster Description

Due to the kidnapping of three Israeli soldiers and longtime provocations from Hezbollah, a war broke out on July 12th in the northern part of Israel
Casualties: 165
Injuries: 2,628
Displaced: 400,000

Why We Deployed

Although IFA’s mission is to work abroad, it goes without saying that when our own people are suffering, we feel obliged to help. 90% of our volunteers serve in the reserves forces, mostly in elite units.
Number of People Who Volunteered: More than 200
Length of Mission: 34 days


  • Active in more than 50 cities and villages in the northern part of Israel
  • Supplied toilet pumps, mattresses, and blankets for bomb shelters
  • Installed more than 250 air conditioners
  • Provided more than 100 refrigerators to shelters so food and medication could be kept cold
  • Over 150 water purifiers given
  • Donated 3,000 bandages which rapidly stop bleeding

Our Partners

Israeli Defense Forces, Teva, Chesed M’Tziyon, El Al, The Israeli Spirit, Yad B’Yad, Tapooz, Ruach Tova, Arison Foundation, Maggie Foundation, Israeli Export Institute, Tnuva, Strauss, Comverce, American Jewish Committee, Eldan, Keter Plastic, Mega Sport, Supersol, Toys R Us, Home Center, Sunny, Gatenio, and more