Second Lebanon War

Disaster Description

Due to the kidnapping of three Israeli soldiers and longtime provocations from Hezbollah, a war broke out on July 12th in the northern part of Israel
Casualties: 165
Injuries: 2,628
Displaced: 400,000

Why We Deployed

Although IFAโ€™s mission is to work abroad, it goes without saying that when our own people are suffering, we feel obliged to help. 90% of our volunteers serve in the reserves forces, mostly in elite units.
Number of People Who Volunteered: More than 200
Length of Mission: 34 days


  • Active in more than 50 cities and villages in the northern part of Israel
  • Supplied toilet pumps, mattresses, and blankets for bomb shelters
  • Installed more than 250 air conditioners
  • Provided more than 100 refrigerators to shelters so food and medication could be kept cold
  • Over 150 water purifiers given
  • Donated 3,000 bandages which rapidly stop bleeding

Our Partners

Israeli Defense Forces, Teva, Chesed Mโ€™Tziyon, El Al, The Israeli Spirit, Yad Bโ€™Yad, Tapooz, Ruach Tova, Arison Foundation, Maggie Foundation, Israeli Export Institute, Tnuva, Strauss, Comverce, American Jewish Committee, Eldan, Keter Plastic, Mega Sport, Supersol, Toys R Us, Home Center, Sunny, Gatenio, and more