Humanitarian Aid Mission in Chad


Famine, disease, including HIV/AIDS, and many years of civil unrest and war, has taken its toll on the already poverty stricken north central landlocked African nation of Chad. There are an estimated 500,000 orphaned children. Due to the AIDS epidemic, the number of orphans within the country continues to rise at an alarming rate. There are virtually no governmental programs within Chad to assist these orphans and widows. Additionally, there are few not-for-profit organizations present in the country to assist with this problem. Healthcare is nearly non-existent, water is recovered from mostly contaminated open wells, food and clothing are scarce for lack of financial resources, and there is no free government-provided education or books.

First mission

Israeli Flying Aid’s (IFA) first delegation to Chad deployed in October 2019. Part of the delegation’s mission was the assessment of the humanitarian situation and needs in Chad. Join our effort in providing Chad with necessary medical equipment and disposable supplies, food supplies, professional training and more!

The "Kibbutz" Initiative


Israeli Flying Aid has always been sensitive to cultural and religious aspects while operating in the field. Israeli Flying Aid volunteers have been exposed, time and again, to the devastating reality which leads to a vicious cycle of poverty and loss, lack of education, medical care, human trafficking, severe abuse, “rape babies”, abandoned children and orphans.

Developing countries face an influx of orphans due to insufficient family planning education, adolescent pregnancy, unreported rape, or cultural and religious prohibitions on adoption and birth control use.

Our Vision

Breaking the vicious cycle in which innocent orphaned babies and abandoned children are trapped by establishing a new standard of orphanages based on the Kibbutz model.

Our Mission

– Governed as a meritocracy, each and every child will be given individual assessment and personalized education.

– Empowering all children and helping them become accomplished and valued members of their community and country.

– Ensuring that all “Kibbutz” children achieve their personal best.

– Creating a symbiotic environment in which the medical and educational facilities of the “Kibbutz” will also serve the surrounding communities.

– Enhancing global Jewish and Israeli pro-activism and strengthening Jewish peoplehood by inviting volunteers to take an active part.

– Demonstrating an outstanding Israeli humanitarian initiative while tackling global demonization, double standards, and delegitimization.