New Orleans – Hurricane

Disaster Description

The hurricane, which largely affected New Orleans, is considered to be the costliest natural disaster in human history. It rendered entire communities uninhabitable.
Casualties: 1,600*
Injuries: 6,167*
IDPs: 400,000*

Why We Deployed

We, as Israeli citizens, wanted to show solidarity with our closest ally, America. Additionally, we wanted to gain access to the closed military zone and utilize our expertise in order to best assist the victims.
Number of People Deployed: 18
Length of Stay: 2 weeks


  • Search and rescue teams scanned hundreds of houses for missing persons, survivors, and casualties
  • Trauma personnel treated the first responders

Our Partners

American Jewish Federation, American Jewish Committee, AIPAC, United States Military, and the Red Cross


We received a medal from the governor’s office of Louisiana, for “Dedication, Courage, and Ability”
*Please note that the American government never released official numbers on the casualties, injuries, and IDPs in New Orleans