Nepal – Earthquake

Disaster Description

An extreme earthquake rocked Nepal, killing thousands and displacing millions. We joined IDF efforts to provide support to the Nepalese people.
Casualties: 9,000
Injuries: 20,000
Displaced: 2,000,000

Why We Deployed

We created programs in order to provide direct aid, such to the lower caste. No other organization was able to push aid directly to the people in the lower caste, because of roadblocks put up by the Nepalese army.
Number of People Deployed: 5
Length of Stay: 2 ½ weeks


  • Medical care for 420 people
  • 12 tons of corrugated iron provided for 181 families, repairing the homes of 1,081 people
  • 3 tons of rice, feeding 600 people

Our Partners

Israeli Defense Forces