Georgia – Conflict

Disaster Description

After separatists from the South Ossetia region of Georgia began attacking Georgian peacekeepers, the president of Georgia sent troops into the region, prompting a war. Although the ensuing conflict lasted less than two weeks, the force used by the Russian and Georgian armies resulted in widespread destruction, with many homes rendered uninhabitable.
Casualties: 404
Injuries: 1,721
IDPs: 160,000

Why We Deployed

The Russian forces would not allow UN or any officials into the closed military zone in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, making the people unable to receive medical aid and food. We were able to enter the closed zone and provide aid to people who were not being served.
Number of People Deployed: 12
Length of Stay: 2 ½ weeks


  • Feeding centers: 105,000 meals
  • Mobile field clinic: 700 families screened

Our Partners

Bnei Brit International and anonymous donors


The Georgian president honored us for our bravery in operating behind Russian lines and for helping Georgian civilians