About the organization


Israeli Flying Aid (IFA) is a non-profit organization (NGO), that delivers life-saving aid and relief to communities affected by natural disaster and human conflict.

IFA’s missions are focused on countries that lack diplomatic relations with Israel and countries that deny entry of critically-needed foreign aid following natural disasters and human conflicts.

IFA transcends differences, prejudice, race, nationality, religion and creed.

Agenda / Mission

Chapter 7

IFA was established in 2005 in order to save the unseen victims of Article 7 of the Rome Statute and Chapter 7 of the UN Charter. Article 7 outlines the United Nations’ definition for crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes, and acts of aggression, while Chapter 7 details “action with respect to threats to peace and acts of aggression”.

According to these statues:

  • Aid can only enter a sovereign country with the approval of the local regime
  • The United Nations is obliged to pass all aid to the hands of the government or the regime only and is forbidden from giving aid to any third parties (unless the regime has been condemned by the UN Human Rights / Security Council)
  • Prevention of aid and selective delivery of aid is not considered to be a crime

Local regimes prevent distribution of aid to victims born to the “wrong” side of the political map. In Syria, all aid was delivered directly to Assad’s regime and his proxies, who withheld aid from innocent civilians in opposition held and sieged areas.

In response to these hypocritical and unjust regulations, IFA separates the needs of victims from political affiliations and delivers life-saving aid where it is needed, not necessarily where it’s “legal” or “allowed” by international law.

IFA Team


IFA team members represent the pulsating heart of Israel, and believe in the sanctity of human life and dignity, as reflected in Jewish Halacha (religious laws).

“Devote yourself to justice, aid the wronged, uphold the rights of the orphan, defend the cause of the widow.” Isaiah 1:16-17

Who We Are

Board of Directors

Israel (Izzy) Kaplan, Board Member
Retired from the Israeli Ministry of Finance after 35 years of service. Served as Head of Staff at the National Budget Department, responsible for the budget of the Ministry of Education, Head of Staff at the Ministry of Housing Land Administration Authority. He was also a Senior Director at the OECD focusing on Multilateral Developing Banks.

Linoy Wolberg, Head of Medical Unit & Board Member
Pediatric intensive care nurse, holds a Masters in Emergency Medicine.

Sara Vino Elad, Board Member
An actress and social activist. Performed on stage at the Habima National Theater, Cameri Theater, Beit Lessin, Tzavta and more.

Shivi Froman, Board Member
Married with five children, resides in Tekoa. CEO of a real estate marketing company, a captain in reserves, holds a Bachelors in Special Education. An educator and adviser to the former Minister of Education.

Orly Boiko, Board Member
Orly has 25 years experience in banking information systems analysis and project management. She is a personal-business trainer, and currently heads human resources at Intego Real Estate Funds.

Yaron Zinger, Board Member
Dr. Yaron Zinger is a Director at the Center for Water Sensitive Cities in Israel and a research fellow at the Hebrew University and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Gal Lusky, Founder & CEO
Maya Zuckerman, COO