Kashmir – Earthquake

Disaster Description

Kashmir is disputed territory between India and Pakistan, split into two sections which both have a heavy military presence. It is a constant war zone. After a devastating earthquake during the dead of winter, we ran a covert mission in Kashmir to ensure that people in the Indian and Pakistani parts of Kashmir had access to critical aid.
Casualties: 87,000
Injuries: 75,000
IDPs: 4,000,000

Why We Deployed

Both sides were preventing aid from reaching the opposition. Women and children belonging to the โ€œwrong sideโ€ of the conflict were starving and freezing to death in the harsh winter, as they were unable to access food and shelter. By running a covert mission, IFA was able to ensure that all people, regardless of political beliefs, received aid.
Number of People Deployed: 6
Length of Stay: 2 ยฝ weeks


  • Bought and distributed equipment and tools for 1,500 temporary shelters
  • Gave out 10,000 blankets
  • Served 70,000 meals

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