Kashmir – Earthquake

Disaster Description

Kashmir is disputed territory between India and Pakistan, split into two sections which both have a heavy military presence. It is a constant war zone. After a devastating earthquake during the dead of winter, we ran a covert mission in Kashmir to ensure that people in the Indian and Pakistani parts of Kashmir had access to critical aid.
Casualties: 87,000
Injuries: 75,000
IDPs: 4,000,000

Why We Deployed

Both sides were preventing aid from reaching the opposition. Women and children belonging to the “wrong side” of the conflict were starving and freezing to death in the harsh winter, as they were unable to access food and shelter. By running a covert mission, IFA was able to ensure that all people, regardless of political beliefs, received aid.
Number of People Deployed: 6
Length of Stay: 2 ½ weeks


  • Bought and distributed equipment and tools for 1,500 temporary shelters
  • Gave out 10,000 blankets
  • Served 70,000 meals

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